Ubuntu Wubi (not dead yet – but close)

Ubuntu Wubi is a Windows based installer that dual boots your Windows system with the least amount of effort. It really is (was?) my favorite way to keep a backup Ubuntu image handy. The idea was that the Wubi installer would run under windows, download and install a fairly generic configuration to your system with only about three configuration decisions. It took about 30 minutes in the background and after that a reboot, and automagically it was a boot option.

However recently issues have been creeping into the mix. These currently include:

  • Ubuntu does not support Wubi past 12.04 LTS
  • Wubi does not support Windows 8
  • Trying to upgrade past 12.04 inside the image may not work (it did not for me), requiring a scrub and re-build of my install

Remember – Wubi enabled me to install a dual boot Ubuntu image in the background in about 30 minutes – so I could be doing something useful the entire time. What alternative gives me that?

Much like Google Reader, it is really disappointing to see something really useful fade away.

Wubi Installer Link

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